Anka Pięta

Fashion Environmentalist, sustainability strategist for fashion industry and podcaster at Muda Talks (podcast about circular economy, sustainability, ecology). At the moment she works at "Ubrania do oddania"- Polish start-up dedicated to circular fashion (second life cycle), where she's responsible for circular shops and strategic partnerships with fashion brands. Before that she was also responsible for building a sustainable supply chain at NAGO brand. For 6 years she was the CEO and co-founder of  HUSH Warsaw (fashion fair), having also worked as the brand’s art director and chief of communications. She had directed the HUSH Warsaw International project, which introduced Polish brands to international markets. She was writing about the circular economy and future of fashion for Vogue.pl and NOIZZ.PL.

Anna Pięta graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan and Milano Fashion Institute.

She also became a fashion warrior after declaring (in 2019) her manifesto #justdontbuy- about how she didn’t buy any new piece of clothing for almost 3 years and she dedicated her TEDx to this statement.

Today she only believes in women and nature being reunited and smashing the patriarchy- source of all problems.