Peter Baldaszti

Peter Baldaszti is the Co-founder and CEO of Nanushka and Vanguards. He is a serial entrepreneur from Budapest with extensive experience across the technology, hospitality, and luxury industries. Since 2016, Baldaszti has been the co-owner of Budapest-born luxury label Nanushka, where his work has resulted in thirtyfold business growth. Earlier this year, the brand was included in Financial Times’ 1000 list of fast-growing companies. Today, Nanushka has flagship stores in three locations – in Soho New York, Mayfair London, and the brand’s hometown Budapest-, and distributes its collections through more than 500 resellers in 50 countries worldwide. 

By gaining distinctive entrepreneurial experience of bringing Nanushka to global success, Peter founded Vanguards in 2020 with private equity firm GB & Partners. With headquarters across Milan, London, and Budapest, the fashion group is led by an influential roster of international industry veterans who combine extensive experience from having scaled some of the world’s most reputable luxury brands with the agile entrepreneurial background of founders. Vanguards’ investments include Nanushka, Budapest-based Aeron and Milanese label Sunnei.