Anita Forintos-Szűcs

General Deputy CEO

Anita Forintos-Szűcs has been working at the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency since 2018, first as Fashion Director, then as the Deputy CEO of the Fashion Division. From now on, she will bring together the design industry as well as fashion and development projects and events in the new management structure as Deputy General Managing Director. Now she will participate more actively in a broader spectrum of areas, such as financial and marketing management. Thanks to her previous experience, she has gained profound expertise in strategic management, efficiency improvement, and organisational development, so it is important for her to emphasise these areas even more in the HFDA’s everydays.

As Deputy General Manager of the HFDA, she focuses on creativity and innovation in both fashion and design, and as a leader, she relies on a strategic approach. As a leader, her main objective is to take the fashion and design industry to an international level.