Cooperation Agreement Signed Between The Hungarian Furniture Association And The Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency

The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency (HFDA) has signed an indefinite duration cooperation agreement with the Hungarian Furniture Association, with the aim of providing professional support to the modern Hungarian furniture industry, and the fashion and design industry players. The cooperation agreement was signed on Thursday, 12th of December by the Associationʼs president, Gábor Wilheim, and CEO of the HFDA, Zsófia Bata-Jakab.

The agreement between the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency and the Hungarian Furniture Association aims to strengthen and stabilize the Hungarian fashion and design industry by tightening professional relationships with the furniture and wood industry. The cooperation will also contribute greatly to the preparation and implementation processes, and in assisting Hungarian fashion and design professionals and companies entering the international market.

The main aim of the Hungarian Furniture Association is to provide promotion and support to benefit the modern Hungarian furniture industry, and to refresh the already established and diverse Hungarian wood industry with exciting new projects, that will strengthen cooperation between design and the industry.
The primary goal of the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency, as a professional integrative organisation coordinating and supporting the development of the industry, is to support the growth of the Hungarian fashion and design industry. Therefore, the agreement with the Hungarian Furniture Association will help start a dialogue between the industry players, and will also play a huge role in helping to map the Hungarian design scene. Behind the scenes organisation, support, and the development of the Hungarian fashion and design industry - while simultaneously creating strategic solutions - is also a goal of the cooperation, as is to support the creation of joint training programs, exhibitions and other events. Due to this cooperation, the knowledge base and institutional system of the Hungarian fashion and design industry is expected to build and improve, and a strong emphasis will be placed on strengthening higher and secondary education, launching trainings, and liaising and collaborating with further educational institutions. Besides the above, ensuring publicity for both household names and newcomers in the fashion and design industry is also a top priority, as is strengthening their reputation. Further, the indirect purpose and aim of this publicity is to expand domestic export, to contribute to the success of the fashion and design industry, and to enhance the image of the outstanding creativity of Hungarian designers throughout the country and Europe.
“The HFDA places great emphasis on cooperation with both international and domestic professional organisations, and considering this, we decided to conclude the current agreement with the Hungarian Furniture Association. By working together, we hope to achieve an even higher level of success in communicating with industry players, as the association represents thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises in Hungary. In addition, we expect to receive suggestions and insight on developing a beneficial industry strategy.” – Stated Zsófia Bata-Jakab, CEO of the Agency, adding that further similar cooperations can also be expected in the future.
“In 2019, the Furniture Association launched a niche research project aimed at defining the sectorʼs strategy and its breakthrough points. Based on the data and research results, it is clear that only design content and a higher added value can be the path to follow in the future for the Hungarian furniture and wood industry. The right design approach, education and training; the use of 21st century technology; and the generation change all add up to major challenges for the profession. In light of this, collaborations and a joint thinking progress can help the wood industry join the ranks of the international forefront. A winning strategy cannot be developed and implemented alone.” stated Gábor Wilheim, President of the Hungarian Furniture Association.
About the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency

The Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency (HFDA) was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, with three main sectors, the industries of Fashion and Design, and the Fashion & Design Hub. The main goal of the agency is to promote the Hungarian Fashion and Design Industry, and by doing so strengthening the countryʼs image. In addition, its most important tasks include increasing export, strengthening and developing domestic production, and developing and safeguarding traditional creative and professional knowledge. As an integrative organisation, an aim of the Agency is to achieve effective professional coordination between domestic and international players of the fashion and design field, which is essential for long-term success.

About The Hungarian Furniture Association

The Association has represented the wood and furniture industry for over a quarter of acentury. As a non-governmental, professional civil organisation, it aims to be at level with thehighest European standards, to modernize the profession and to integrate traditions. As a member of the European Furniture Association, the Hungarian Furniture Association represents interests not only to domestic, but also to European decision-makers. Through countless projects and activities, the association brings wood and furniture closer to everyday people, and by doing so, supporting the recruitment of the younger generation, providing career orientation opportunities, and promoting the Hungarian furniture and design industry.