Gabriella Veszprémi

I graduated as a Textile Designer in 2017 from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Throughout my university years I had the opportunity to design accessories for various different Hungarian brands, it was thanks to these experiences I built upon when I decided to start my own brand, GabriellaVeszpremi. The foundation of my brand is the LAYERS technology I created, which was inspired by the valuable, leather material remains that accumulate when designing leather pieces. This new technique, created via a layering method, gives solution to the waste created throughout the tailoring process. The showcased collection of the brand is dedicated to offering new directions, pathways and areas in using these materials, and to do so, is now offering not just bags and shoes, but jewellry too. The GabriellaVeszpremi brand creates accessories with sustainability and slow design in mind, and the technology used makes sure that each and every piece made is unique unrepeatable. By doing do, weʼre able to deisgn for woman who are unafraid of being the centre of attention and can tailor our pieces to their own taste.
Playfulness, being brave, and self-confidence are all important traits for us, with style and colours focusing on femininity and elegance. Experimentation is also also important for the brand: To be brave enough and try out new things, to wear clothing without the need to conform to the norm, instead whatʼs most important is for everyone to feel good in their own skin.