HFDA Academy: A roundtable discussion on crafts and careers in Fashion

The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency organised the HFDA Academy roundtable discussion for the second time. At the event titled “Crafts and careers in fashion”, the attendees were able to debate about the current standing of the clothing and fashion industry and its opportunites with professionals from the field. The aim of the free event was for participants to gain insight into the various areas of the clothing and fashion industry, including production, manufacturing and tailoring, and job roles in fashion journalism, modelling, photography and the world of stylists.

Speakers at the Fashion Flash roundtable discussion:

Judit Benczik - Clothing and Textile Engineer (MOME)
Marianna Németh Zoltánné - Modeller, Editor, Head Tailor, Couture Sewer
Gyula Gaál - Promes’95 Bt., Owner
Ágota Ribánszky - Instyle Editor in Chief, Former International Fashion Model
Lilla Lendvai - Stylist
Krisztina Kárpáti - Freelance Fashion PR
Máté Gregus – Fashion Photographer

Moderator: Peter Szűcs – Founder of Peter's Planet

The topic of the next HFDA Academy Fashion Flash event will be „Smart technology in fashion”.

Expected time and date: 18:00, 29th of May, 2019

Address: HFDA Building (18 Istenhegyi út, 1126, Budapest)

The event is animal friendly.