HFDA Academy – Fashion Flash III: How can fashion relate to the latest developments in technology?

HFDA Academy Fashion Flash roundtable discussion was held for the third time. The presentations, titled "Smart Technology in Fashion” were held on the 29th of May. The talks were lead by internationally renowned professionals, dipicting the common points and future opportunities of the two professions.

One of the main goals of the free event was for the audience to gain insight into the digital trends of the 21st century; the social, real and virtual changes taking place; and to point out alternative methods of linking together different creative areas.
Following the talk, Zsófia Lévai introduced to the audience how she uses interactive technologies in textiles, while in the name of EJTECH,  e-textiles and audio-visual installations were presented to guests.


Participants of the Fashion Flash roundtable discussion:

Zsófia Lévai – Fashion - Tech Designer
Judit Eszter Kárpáti DLA – Textile Artist, Co-founder of EJTECH art&tech lab
Esteban de la Torre – Audiovisual Artist, Co-founder of EJTECH art&tech lab
Moderator: Kovács Andrea - Let it Be! Art Agency, Creative Manager

„The Internet and Social Media in the Fashion Industry” will be the following topic of the HFDA Academy - Fashion Flash event.

Expected date: 2019. September

Address: HFDA Building (18 Istenhegyi út, 1126, Budapest)

The HFDA reserves the right to make changes to the event programme.

The event is animal friendly.