HFDA Academy Fashion Flash IV. Social Media in Fashion

Due to the high volume of interest surrounding the HFDA Academy series, the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency will continue the event in the upcoming Autumn/Winter season. The Fashion Flash roundtable discussion will be organised for the fourth time, and participants of the discussion will depict current topics and questions surrounding „Social Media in Fashion”.

In the past few years, the world of marketing has developed rapidly on a global scale and has completely changed everyday life. The interest in brands has grown online and now the fashion industry is also strengthening its presence and sales via social media pages. One of the main goals of the forum is to gain insight into the culture of social media, its newest trends and legislative environment with the help of industry professionals.

The main topics of the first-half of the roundtable discussion:

What are newest trends in the digital advertising market?
Which communication strategies are the most efficient?
At what level do social media pages influence sales and brand building?
Crisis communication and conflict management in social media
How can we diversify content creation?
How have laws and transparency changed regarding sponsored content?
How should paid or barter posts be marked?
How has the legislative environment changed since the GDPR regulation?

Participants of the first half of the roundtable discussion:

Dr. Ádám György - Lawyer, SBGK Attorneys at Law and Patent Attorneys

Pintér Dániel Gergő
- PR Strategy and Crisis Manager, Founder of Media 2.0 Communications, President of the Hungarian PR Association, Crisis Communication Division



The main topics of the second half of the roundtable discussion:

Is our buying decision process influenced stronger by the opinion of a person we accept compared to a billboard or TV advertisement?
Productive influencer marketing in brand building: micro-, macro-, or mega-influencer?
How to strengthen our personal or business brand
How can messages reach the chosen target audience?
How to shield ourselves and react to negative feedback
Will the culture of social media be healthier if Instagram turns off the visibility of likes and followers?

Participants of the second half of the roundtable discussion:

Gergő Csiszár - Founder & Executive Director of Post for Rent

Borbála Ferencz - Fashion and Jewellery Designer

Tomi Trunk - DABLTY - Youtuber, Sneakerhead, Founder of Corporationz.hu  

Moderator: Krisztina Kárpáti - Freelance Fashion PR

The event is free of charge, however due to limited seat availability, entry is subject to confirmed email registration. Please register your intention to attend via email at info@hfda.hu.

Please note that we reserve the right to make changes to the event programme.

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