Hungary is represented at London Design Biennale for the first time

Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency is representing Hungary with the project ‘Kiss in Budapest’ at London Design Biennale between 4-23 September 2018. The project deals primarily with the different kinds of emotions in relationships and how they change over time.

This year’s London Design Biennale topic is Emotional States examining the relation of design and the seven universal emotions (anger, fear, surprise, disgust, contempt, joy and sadness – Charles Darwin). Inspired by the topic of the Biennale, the creative team of HFDA created an art installation that is dealing with the increasing social alienation, the lack of touch and intimacy in human relationships and the influence that modern technology has on our daily life and interhuman behaviour.

Couples enter the darkened installation from opposite sides and meet in a clean, homogeneous space, where the only things that they can focus on are their expressions and emotions. The space is equipped with LEDs, cameras and a green screen, as well as sensors detecting the couple’s movements in front of the screen and the intimate moment of the kiss.

Meanwhile, the scene outside the room is quite different – instead of high-tech minimalism, it is almost reminiscent of a tourist attraction. Those who stay outside see the ’experiencers’ on large LED displays, meeting and kissing each other in front of Budapest’s spectacular and romantic sights. The result is a virtual memory with a real emotional charge: their first kiss in Budapest.

’The Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency is convinced that Hungarian design has its worthy place on the international scene, therefore our participation in the Biennale is a huge opportunity to show Hungary’s creative side in an emotional way. The purpose was to provide a cheerful and everlasting memory related to Budapest which reveals Hungarian cultural roots making the couples feel like visiting Budapest in the near future.’ – said Zsófia Bata-Jakab, CEO of Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency.

For further information please send an e-mail to szonja.pusztai.pinter@hfda.hu.


About Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency

HFDA was founded in response of the urgent need to embrace and support the Hungarian fashion and design industry. Our main focus is to promote society’s awareness of design and fashion, and to support companies and young talents on all matters related to brand and design development. Beside knowledge transfer and new comer support, we provide an important international network.

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About London Design Biennale

London Design Biennale 2018 is devoted to the theme Emotional States. Taking over the entirety of Somerset House, including the Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court and River Terrace, it will explore big questions and ideas about sustainability, migration, pollution, energy, cities, and social equality. Visitors will enjoy engaging and interactive installations, innovations and proposed design solutions from 40 countries, cities and territories - all in an immersive, inspiring and entertaining tour of the world.