Dalma Devenyi and Tibor Kiss founded Je Suis Belle back in 2005. Since then the brand has become one of Hungary's leading fashion house as well as an internationally recognized label. Their concept is (and was from the very beginning) constantly collaborating with various branches of art especially with visual arts. They consider traditional techniques and giving contemporary frame to folk art as two of their main intellectual values. The Je Suis Belle muse is profoundly interested in her surroundings as well as in herself. She is creative, embraces her talent, witty and cool. They believe that anyone who wears Je Suis Belle clothes becomes part of their world and through her personality she shapes this world equally. They develop every collections using a complex system of references: the pieces always reflect current social and cultural changes. Constancy of quality is a core value, the clothes lack unnecessary details: they are straightforward and communicative. The brand's philosophy is that fashion is not a priviledge but a fundamental part of everyday life, beyond comfort and wearability it's an important tool for building one's uniqueness.