The Agency

The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency was established in 2018, with the aim of providing structured and efficient professional assistance to all players in the fashion and design industries.

The fashion and design industry globally harbors increasing economic and tourism potential, hence the Hungarian Government's intention to develop these areas. The goal is to elevate the stature of the clothing and textile industries, along with various segments of the light industry related to fashion and design. We strive to ensure their prestige aligns with their rich traditions, positioning Hungary as a centre of these industries within the Central European region. To this end, the formation of a state-owned non-profit organization was imperative, serving to collectively represent industry participants.

Throughout its work, the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency collaborates with Hungarian and international professional organisations, educational institutions, members of the public, and private sectors, in order to mutually establish the most important pillars of our strategy.

We consider improving and supporting the manufacturing sector—and within that the vocational training in the industry—to be crucially important. For that it is essential to improve the prestige of vocations suffering from labour shortages, to pique interest in these and to boost the employment rate.

Our objective is to foster the professional advancement of Hungarian fashion and design brands, graduate designers and industry professionals through our mentoring programs.

We consider it important that more and more people recognise the creative potential in Hungarian fashion and design. A tool for this is to enable Hungarian brands and manufacturers to represent themselves at a high level on the international scene.

Besides the above, innovation, research and development, as well as sustainability in the industry all play an important role in our activities.

One of our priority tasks is to support the incorporation of fashion and design into Hungary’s public image, to turn these into touristic selling points and thus generate tourism revenue.

The strategic cooperation with domestic and international organizations plays a key role in HFDA’s philosophy, paying special attention to the Hungarian designers, manufacturers and creative professionals from Hungarian communities, also to those who live outside of Hungary.

Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency performs its duties under the ownership rights exercised by the Ministry of National Economy from the 1st of April, 2024.