The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency joins the World Design Organization (WDO)

As of October 2019, the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency (HFDA) has joined the renowned non-governmental organization, the World Design Organization (WDO), a professional international voice for industrial design. Founded in 1957, WDO has over 170 members, representing approximately 40 nations, and by doing so plays a major role in international collaborations regarding design. The aim of WDO is to support the development of industrial design, with the goal of creating better products, systems, services; a business and industry that is financially stable and profitable; and also pushing for a liveable environment and society.

The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency (HFDA) has officially joined the professional, internationally renowned World Design Organization (WDO) as a member. Further aims of WDO is to support the development of sustainable, industrial product design for a liveable environment and society. One of its main tasks is to inspire, activate and advocate collaborations between product designers, and supporting creative and business designers that strive for sustainable development on a global scale.


“We consider it to be a great acknowledgment for the entire Hungarian fashion and design industry, and also for the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency that such an important and prestigous international professional organization has found us worthy of joining its ranks. The WDO has a major worldwide role in fostering and sharing the industry-driven innovative processes that are able to improve the quality of life on an economic, social, cultural and also environmental level. Nowadays, the WDO services over 150 member organizations that represent thousands of industrial designers worldwide. One of our main strategic cornerstones if for the Hungarian industry to become even more competitive, and to do so, beinc accepted as a member of the WDO is beneficial to us in many ways. The international know-how, which has been made available to us by the WDO will provide us with exceptional help in our forthcoming work.” Stated Zsófia Bata-Jakab, CEO of the HFDA.


One of the main goals of the HFDA, is for Hungary to become the regional centre for fashion and design, and further, for Hungarian-designed products to be acknowledged on an international level, and in doing so, promoting country image. To support this goal, the HFDA is continuously starting new programmes and initiatives to help the domestic creative industry flourish. Through the involvement of prominent industry professionals and market research, the HFDA has launched a mentoring programme that resonates and responds appropriately to the challenges the sector faces. Additionally, the HFDA has placed a strong focus on being present on an international level, with the aim of promoting the work of Hungarian designers. As a result, Hungary was present at both the London Design Fair and the Milan Design Week.


About the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency

The Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency (HFDA) was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, focusing on two main sectors, the industries of Fashion and Design. The main goal of the agency is to promote the Hungarian Fashion and Design Industry, and by doing so strengthening the country’s image. In addition, its most important tasks include increasing export, strengthening and developing domestic production,  and developing and safeguarding traditional creative and professional knowledge. As an integrative organisation, a main goal of the Agency is to achieve effective professional coordination between domestic and international players of the fashion and design field, which is essential for long-term success.


The World Design Organization (WDO)®

As an international voice for industrial design, we advocate, promote and share knowledge of industrial design-driven innovation that enhances the economic, social, cultural, and environmental quality of life. We do so by supporting the collaborations of creative communities, and bringing to life international programmes such as World Design Capital®, World Design Talks, the World Design Impact Prize, and World Industrial Design Day and Interdesign.