The Hungarian stand will be present at the international design trade fair Maison & Objet

One of the largest international design fairs for home decor and international interior design, Maison & Objet, will take place in Paris between 17-21 January 2020, where eleven Hungarian designers will be representing Hungary with the coordination and support of the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency (HFDA).

The aim of the Agency is to gain international exposure for the selected Hungarian brands, recognition and success. Furthermore, to raise awareness of the potential of Hungarian products abroad. Paris, the French capital of fashion and design, will be hosting Maison & Objet, a 5-day long trade fair between 17-21 January. The fair will be welcoming designers from almost 50 countries. At the fair, an audience consisting of architects, interior designers, product designers and those fond of design will be able to learn about the latest trends in furniture, lighting and textiles, which will be presented by designers from around the globe.

This year, under the coordination of the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency, eleven Hungarian brands will participate at the event with a strong, visual installation. The  fundamental idea of the installation was inspired by environmental awareness and purpose. Thanks to the clear and minimalist exhibition space, the area is able to give designers the option to implement complex solutions. A main aspect during the design process of the exhibition space was to use as little material and energy as possible and for the end product to be reusable. As a result, although the installation was created for the London Design Fair in 2019, it can now be reused in both a personalised and environmentally conscious way.

“It is of great joy for us to introduce the Hungarian stand and installation at another international design fair. The partaking brands attending the Paris trade fair have already proved their right to be here, during their presence at London Design Week, where they received a very warm welcome. The Agency has always placed great emphasis on participating in international events, as this is also a key element for long-term success in the field of design. We are confident that this exhibition will also highlight the uniqueness and creativity of Hungarian design products, which will further enhance the awareness of Hungarian design objects and will bring international success.” stated by Zsófia Bata- Jakab, CEO of the Agency.

Taking into account international best practices, HFDA will be conducting the international promotion of Hungarian design brands under a strong, Budapest-focused umbrella brand, called: Budapest Select. The main aim of the brand is for talented Hungarian designers to gain even more attention during international appearances - through unified communication - while simultaneously also maintaining their own branding attributes. The Hungarian brands were selected based on professional criteria, and during the decision making process sustainability and the element of conscious design behavior was an important aspect taken under consideration.

The portfolios of designers combined various elements, including a mix of technology and innovation, but also including traditional yet contemporary textiles and ceramics, lamps, and also furniture combining the unique usage of plants. The selected eleven brands traveling to Paris have previously had the opportunity to showcase their talent during international events. Based on their feedbacks, solid manufacturing capacity and years of professional experience, it is clear that these brands fit in perfectly with international trends, which are further reasons why they are suitable for entering the foreign market.




About the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency

The Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency (HFDA) was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, with two main sectors, the Fashion and Design Industry. The main goal of the agency is to promote the Hungarian Fashion and Design Industry, and by doing so strengthening the countryʼs image. In addition, its most important tasks include increasing export, strengthening and developing domestic production, and developing and safeguarding traditional creative and professional knowledge. As an integrative organisation, an aim of the Agency is to achieve effective professional coordination between domestic and international players of the fashion and design field, which is essential for long-term success.