The launch of the design START Mentor Programme

Since its establishment in 2018, the Design Division of the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency (HFDA) has been continuously working to develop a stable, efficient and long-term mentoring programme that provides professional support to talented Hungarian designers. Horizontal discussions, professional dialogue, and the collection of national and international best practices have been developed by the division into a multi-tiered programme: the design START mentor programme.

Prior to the design START programme, 13 budding product designers chosen by the professional jury were given the opportunity to exhibit their works at the S/ALON Budapest Exhibition, thanks to HFDA's professional partnership. Subsequently, through workshop visits and personal interviews, the Agency assessed the strengths and professional needs of the young designers, and based on this insight the Agency developed a series of workshops and lectures consisting of 6 modules, harmonising with the Start Up Guide published annually by the Hungarian Design Council.

The aim of the lecture series is to pass on essential knowledge needed for designers to excell in business development. The designers will receive valuable information in a personalised way, and will be able to process and apply this knowldege in practice with the help of acclaimed and recognised mentors.

On the 13th of March, 2019, the first workshop was conducted by Nóra Szeles, focusing on business planning (SWOT analysis, market research, marketing and financial planning).