Vecsei Millinery

Iʼve always been interested in the arts, and creating different pieces and accessories. After graduating from secondary school I studies History of Art in Wien, at Universität
Wien.I dipped into the world of hats almost a decade ago in Budapest. I fell in love with the trade at a traditional hat salon, and with the craft dating back centuries and I was also able to learn the basics of the profession and traditional techniques. The small downtown salon has since been replaced by the world-famous Philip Treacy's London studio. Working alongside the professionʼs icon, I was involved in creating many collections and custom orders that were later worn by celebrities or members of the royal family. It was always my dream to have my own workshop, to have a place where I can realise my ideas and plans. In 2016, I opened my own studio in Budapest, where Iʼve specialised in unique headpieces and hats. Each and every headpiece and hat is created by hand, using only top quality materials and feathers. In the past three years Iʼve been able to work on beautiful creations for many clients. In most cases, I work on private commissions based on the work of my sample collections, however, I have also made extra kits available at MARGOT. It's a very important aspect for me to be able to collaborate with designers, as both hats and different types of headgear are great accessories that are best showcasedwith great outfits. I am proud to have been able to show off my works on the runways of Nóri Sármán, and Iʼve worked together Sentiment Couture, Anna Daubner, and have been commissioned various internationally renowned designers such as Nanushka and Dóra Zsigmond.