ZIA is the first Hungarian #highstreetstyle fshion brand from Budapest. The brand was established in 2016 by Anett Csizmazia, and quickly became a favourite among the fashion conscious Hungarian audience - and has been developing at a fast pace ever since. The brand has been showcased at several Fashion Weeks, including: BCEFW, LJFW, and MQVFW. Pieces from the collection are available in several national and European concept stores, and have also been popular with magazines, who have been using them for editorial materials. ZIA exploded into the Hungarian public consciousness with three signature pieces - ZIA // cruz, barcelona, and boundless - these three pieces have since appeared in all collections, always evolving from the experiences and inspiration gained through Anett's travels. These are the three basic pieces of the brand, which are an instant love for old and new customers alike. Each piece is created in Hungary. ZIA is not just a brand but an identity, representing girls and women who have real, exciting personalities, with their own metropolitan style who can laugh at themselves and also the world around them – however, not against it but with the world. ZIA's message is for society to try and distance itself from the fast fashion market and buy value driven, timeless designer pieces that can remain a part of our wardrobe for years to come due to its material and design - classic, minimal but never average pieces that ZIA offers at affordable prices. The brand easily combines contrasts with contemporary and classic features – and elegantly balances easy-to-fit #highstreetstyle style. Stylish, unique, and easy to combine pieces are present in every collection, as ZIA wants to emphasize timelessness, showing that minimalist fashion can be both trendy and timeless.