The HFDA Design START Mentoring Programme For Talented Designers

During the planning process and implementation of the Design START mentoring programme, the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency (HFDA)
made it a top priority to involve both domestic industry players and professional experts, and by doing so, developing a tailor-made training
programme to meet the needs of not only designers just starting out, but also designers long-established in the industry, providing them with long-term development opportunities.

 The agency has developed a three-step programme, offering the designers: a scheme consisting of 6 modules; a series of workshops and lectures; an internship programme at a domestic factory; and a professional working trip abroad.
Designers partaking in the programme:
4MS design, UPLUX, Fű Borbála, Fülöp Fruzsina Design, Paper Up!, Bárány Anna and PDSIGN – of which all of the designers are on the right road to debuting as a successful brand in both the Hungarian and international design scene, after their completion of the mentoring programme.