Milan Design Week - Triennale Museum 2024

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About Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency

The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency was founded as a state-owned non-profit organisation in 2018 to support every actor in the fashion and design industry in an efficient and structured way, following predetermined strategic pillars: professional coordination, enhancing Hungarian brands’ availability and trade opportunities, educational and manufacturing development. To realise its goals, the HFDA organises domestic events each year, such as the region’s major fashion event, the Budapest Central European Fashion Week, or the international Red Dot Award winner 360 Design Budapest exhibition.

About Budapest Select

The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency, considering the best international practices, created the Budapest Select umbrella brand so that Hungarian products can be more easily identified abroad. The brand aims to provide greater visibility for domestic brands during international appearances through strong and unified communication while retaining individual characteristics as well. In the long run, the goal of Budapest Select is to position Hungarian creatives to a high international level of recognition.

Design Walk in Budapest

(Harmony and Dynamics)


This exhibition celebrates the creative ambience of Budapest, capital city of Hungary cradled by the Danube as a nexus of cultural fusion, showcasing its architectural and design heritage through a contemporary lens. It emphasizes the city's unique ability to preserve its multifaceted historical traditions while embracing modernity.


Budapest's design evolution mirrors its rich history, a blend of influences that converge to form something truly authentic. Each era births new communities, adding layers to the contemporary urban tapestry, prompting us to confront, honor and rediscover the city's inherent character.

As a bridge connecting generations, cultures and visions, Budapest, the eclectic, cosmopolitan but human-scale city epitomizes a delicate balance between East and West, tradition and modernity. Here, contemporary designers and visual artists play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between past and present through unexpected creativity, seamlessly integrating timeless aesthetics with avant-garde perspectives.

This exhibition serves as a curated exploration of Budapest's artistic soul, guided by visionary designers and artists. Their reinterpretations of the city's architectural marvels breathe new life into historical monuments, infusing them with contemporary relevance.

From the enduring allure of stone to the warmth of wood, from the resilience of concrete to the delicacy of ceramics, each material serves as a conduit for storytelling, inviting visitors on an immersive journey through Budapest's cultural and natural wonders pulsing with eclectic energy.

Beyond geographical confines, this exhibition fosters a global dialogue on Hungarian creativity and its sustainable future. 'Design Walk in Budapest' captures the essence of the city, weaving a compelling narrative where the lines between reality and imagination, visual art and design blur—fueling inspiration and inviting discovery.

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